Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The photo rotating debacle

my goodness... ok so here's the deal.

If you upload photos using (Google's) Blogger it uses an online photo album service (Google's) Picasa Web Albums. Picasa has this awesome (ha!) feature that automatically rotates photos, seemingly arbitrarily in it's choice.. for example the carrot pic above (edited- which i just just discovered since posting this has disappeared, so even this process doesn't work!! back to the drawing board..) as seen in my previous post. As you can probably tell, this was the original way the photo was taken, with the camera held in normal camera position, so it's not like this photo had been rotated by some other program & Picasa just put it back how it was originally, it's just meddling instead. Despite people lobbying for several versions of Picasa the auto-rotate function still can't be disabled.

Now you'd think it would be alllll made better by the fact that Picasa Web Albums has a rotate function, and an option to "Edit in Picasa" [the downloadable desktop based photo managing software].... except if you upload your photo to the web album using Blogger's upload function, both of those features are disabled!!

So.... it seems that the fastest way for me to upload un-interfered with photos is to open them in the dutifully downloaded Picasa desktop software (which for some awesome [ha!] reason insists on searching out every.single.image on your computer), rotate the photo which it immediately interferes with *rolls eyes* and then use the "Blog This" function to upload it into a post.

Which would be awesome (you guessed it- ha!) if it opened the normal Blogger Dashboard interface with all it's myriad features, except it doesn't. It opens a pale comparison version with no font, alignment, size, tags or Post Options options and is only capable of posting one photo per post.

Did i mention the awesomeness?!

Soooo.... because i actually like having those options i have an extra step of stealing the HTML code for the pic from the Blog This window, and copying it into the normal Blogger post composer & continue posting as usual.

And all because the Google boffins haven't bothered to add the option of disabling the auto-rotate OR enabling the editing of blog based pics... it can't be *that* hard, since Flickr & Photobucket are perfectly capable of letting people autonomously decide the orientation of their photos!

So anyway... the point of this story is just to let you know what is going on, particularly for anyone who suffers the same problem, and also so that you know that if any of my pics come up looking sideways, it's because i didn't have time or inclination to go through any of that palaver! ;-)


Crescent Moon said...

I spent only about the first week that I had my blog on blogger really hating the way pictures upload, and then I started using Photobucket. That's been working much better for me. I upload the pictures to my Photobucket account and then paste the HTML code from the picture into my post as I'm writing it.

nova_j said...

yeah fair enough too! :) i use photobucket for other things, but since we're on really slow internet (33.6kbps top speed) photobucket/flickr etc take an age to load, so i put off using them as much as possible! it's such a shame because the blogger/picasa option would be such a simple, fast way if only if it wasn't for the auto-rotate lol..

applepip said...

I don't have that problem at all with blogger? I'm confused. But thankful. Weird.

Sara Crowley said...

Blogger has only just randomly begun doing this to me, I thought I was going nuts. Very glad to read your post and learn its blogger not me, but sigh, what a stupid thing.

CentiMoney said...

I had the same problem but found the following work for me:
Rotate the picture in Windows Explorer to the way you like before uploading. If the picture is already right, rotate it anyway, and then rotate it back, and then upload.
You can see in my blog that some pictures I uploaded in the early days were rotated wrong. But later on they were all correct when I did the above:
Perhaps rotating in Windows changes the auto-rotate information in the file such that Blogger can recognize it.

AGreenhill said...

I think I'm having a related issue... though different software. I'm trying to insert/import photos into Google spreadsheets... after noticing the rotation debacle there I noticed this problem occurs all throughout google products/services...

If I copy/paste the image into a new file (ms paint, etc) then of course, no rotation problems. Somewhere in the jpg meta-data is something indicating that "up" is not the usual "up"... so either I will find some software that strips all or most of the meta-data, or I'll write my own (pretty easy)... leaving only things like date photo taken, lat/long, camera, camera options (exposure, aperture, etc)

Anyhow - good luck to us all... since the internet gods don't care too much about this frustration.