Friday, September 04, 2009


of the small but satisfying variety!
as for what variety it is, i dunno! but way back in autumn i borrowed one of our macrocapa seedling boxes, filled it with potting mix with a layer of seed raising mix on the top, and sprinkled on a whole bunch of carrot seeds... they grew a little bit then slowed down over the cold winter months, and as it has started to warm up again woosh they've shot away again!

and today in a fit of impatience i pulled one up.
and we ate it.
it was good.

now i just have to wait nicely for the rest to get a bit bigger... but that is ok, because at least i know that it has worked! growing carrots in boxes might not produce crops of any decent size, but a few carrots in a box is better than no carrots in the ground i reckon!

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Chaucey said...

My carrots aren't ready yet, they are tiny and they've had all winter to amount to something.