Thursday, July 02, 2009

minute crafting

minute as in teeny tiny minuscule kind of minute...

still plodding along with jumper sleeves, so that is holding up everything else... except while holding a sick bubba i made something tiny-
didya spot it?!
not the baby (though i did make that), not the jumper, not even the marshmallow...
the watermark!!
lol yeah i made my own watermark... there has been a spate (ok two things that i've seen, a small spate) of commercial enterprises using photos from personal blogs without permission, or even notification, and while i do think that the likelihood of that happening here is pretty much zilch, it's still kinda fun having my own little logo to slap on things to show that they're *mine* - just from a proud perspective rather than a security one ;-)

I used (a free paint program) to make it, if you want to make one yourself, you simply-
1- create a new canvas (maybe 500px square),
2- use the eraser over the whole canvas to make it transparent
3- create your design
4- crop your canvas to the right shape, then resize it (mine is 100px square) - Select tool (draw around your design)>Image>Crop to Selection.. then Image>Resize
5- save it!

when you want to use it-
1- open your watermark in
2- select & copy your watermark
3- open your photo
4- paste the watermark in a new layer - Edit>Paste into New Layer
5- Make it opaque - Layers>Layer properties>opacity - adjust to where you like it
6- 'glue' them together - Image>Flatten
7- Save!

hee hee...


Julie said...

Thanks for your lovely positive comment about my essay. I love your new logo it's cool, I want one too. Thanks for sharing! X

skatey katie said...

you are such a clever fairy X

nova_j said...

aww thanks! lol but it wouldn't seem so clever if you knew how long i faffed around trying to work it out! that's why i shared the instructions, cos it's actually dead simple ;)