Monday, July 20, 2009


*doo-dee-doo-dee-doodoodoodoodoo. doo-dee-doo-dee-doodoodoodoodoo. doo-dee-doo-dee-doodoodoodoodoo-doo-doo!*

a) the power supply for our puter packed in = no puter
b) school hoildays = kids who interfere with precious puter time
c) we've been busy ripping up the carpet = no table for puter to sit on (umm yeah, hi dad. we've ripped up the carpet.)
d) still knitting hoodie of certain doom. ok, so i exaggerate really, it's actually going rather well, and i only have this much more to knit -> until i run out of yarn anyway, hopefully that will be enough to finish the pattern too! ;) fortunately if i do run out the sleeves are orangutan-worthy, so i have a bit of yarn retrievable from there...

other than that it has been pretty ho-hum here on the crafting/making stuff front, except for this little morsel...

waaaay back last summer we grew our own popcorn. mini black popcorn to be precise-
which we finally popped one cob of - strangely resulting in the whitest popcorn i have ever seen!
tasted good though :)


Sue said...

Hi Nova, this corn looks great. I did not know that popping corn grew like that. Where do you buy the seed from?

nova_j said...

yeah it's quite cool, you get a handful of little wee cobs on each plant :) i got the seed from the Koanga Institute, but i'm not sure if it's available without a membership?