Thursday, February 05, 2009

new blue shoes

eli had grown out of his shoes, so i made him a little soft prototype pair using this very cool free pattern! they're much easier to make than the bobux style ones and are a nice fit too :-)

They're made out of felted wool (remember Rosie's wool covers anyone? this is some of that fabric!) with black fold-over-elastic... they haven't got any stiffening in the sole, so they are really just for round the house.. i just zoomed the PDF til it was the right size then traced it off the screen... they only took maybe 30min max. to make, which is the best bit!

the pattern lends itself *really* well to little girls shoes too ;-)


applepip said...

OOOoo these are super cute! Lucky Eli. Well done mama.

Miss Smith said...

Those are SO sweet! And any project that's done in 30 minutes has got to be good.

Jo's Place said...

They are so cute, and 30mins sounds like something I could do. Great job

Kelly said...

Oh my Nova - they are gorrrrrrgeous!