Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mmm pungent!

dug up the garlic... not bad huh?"i would like to thank the academy, my mum & dad..."

it's now hanging up to cure in our laundry, leaving a *cough* lovely odour throughout the house..

plus i've been doing some dyeing with food colouring.. which really means food colouring & vinegar. but even that is well worth it for a spot of 'upcycling'!

this little woolen shirt had blown off our washing line & under the deck, and had some mildew stains after it had been washed... but throw some black & two shades of purple at it & it's not so bad!

and remember these longies? well ok i know you don't, but they were the first thing i ever knit (thanks helen!!) but after a good while of wear + an unfortunate run in with a pair of not-quite-colourfast longies had left them looking a bit sad, and to be honest, my knitting wasn't too flash.. so i turned them into this-
heh heh heh.. (the photo, as per usual, doesn't show the colours very well!)
this will theorectically be magically turning into a new pair of longies for eli this winter! (did i first consider that i don't actually like knitting longies? no, no i didn't.)

and on the less stinky side - a cucumber!
a funny little green apple cucumber, just the right size for a salad with dinner!
and with an interesting inside too-


Sandra said...

your garlic looks fantastic Nova! Congratulations.

Happy birthday for earlier this week. Cake looks gorgeous.

~ April ~ said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did... as I am now in love with yours!

Your children are absolutely adorable! I *love* Alexis' grin in that picture. So sweet! Great dye-job with the shirt as well!