Friday, October 06, 2006

Year so far - knitting!

My first pair of longies!! I'd never knitted before either! Knitted on flat needles.. hated sewing them up! Tiny Birds pattern with 8ply Colour4me wool

My first soaker, on flats, the Fern & Faerie pattern with 8ply chunky tekapo.. too small for alexis *sigh*...

yay it fits!! knitted in the round using punk knitters pattern, most of it is 8ply merino, but ran out with just a little to go, but managed to find 8ply cleckheaton wool the same colour..

a small punk knitters soaker for the nappy network fistula trust auctions.. first go at stripes

Also did another soaker for TNN mid-winter secret santa.. but can't post a pic of that obviously! lol

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