Sunday, October 05, 2008

Of Silk & Dragons.. or A Tale of Stitches & Dough

Sooo.. spring has officially sprung, though sometimes i wonder if anyone told the weather, and of course spring means tiny chicks, little bunnies, rampaging dragons... um yeah, dragons. That's 'cos over here Michaelmas falls in spring...

So the traditional thing to do for Michaelmas is to tell the tale of St George and the Dragon, and make dragon bread!

But of course we are semi-philistines, so we made dragon pizza (paul made it, not a bad attempt huh? :-) the cheese is blurring it's wings a bit though) and read "Jane & the Dragon" and "The Paper Bag Princess", two slightly different takes on dragons, and young ladies for that matter, that also don't involve any dragons being slain ;-)

and i discovered my old copy of "Flower Fairies of the Seasons" today, which reminded me that i'm supposed to be making a wee nature table-esqe display for our dining table, so i hemmed some fabric i got at a recent 50% off sale-
They're a silky lining fabric, not proper silk sadly, but close enough for this purpose at the moment, and meant as a background/base for seasonal *stuff*.. i chose pinky-lavender for spring, pale sky blue for summer, a rusty red for autumn, and a pale icy-minty colour for winter... There were some squares left over of each, so i roll-hemmed them too for the kids to play with :-)

Now to make some things to decorate our display with! (as well as collecting leaves, flowers, nuts etc etc of course)

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Crescent Moon said...

I love the dragon pizza idea!