Friday, October 10, 2008

a gardenin' we shall go..

Brown bulbs were buried deep;
Now, from the kind old earth,
Out of the winter's sleep,

Comes a new birth!

(from Flower Fairies of the Season - Spring - Narcissus)

things are going fairly nicely in my garden, still not having the greatest luck with germination, but thanks to my new 'Sow Lots' policy not *too* badly :-)peas, beans & sunflowers


assorted seedlings lol

first hints of corn

My allium/root veges patch is ticking along well, the garlic & onions are looking good, the multiplying onions are picking up, i've just mounded up the leeks a little, and sown 3 beetroot plants (paul has always *hated* beetroot til we tried it fresh & baked recently, so i'm not pushing the beetroot issue too much lol..), the companions Heartsease are getting a bit bigger & one has a tiny flower, and as for the calendula.. well.. one is good, one is so-so, and one got eaten. Might have to get some new ones methinks!

My first peas were ready to plant out, so we built a little bamboo stake frame & i planted 5 out beneath it.. our garden suddenly looks like a *proper* vege garden now, funny huh? And the others i popped into pots for a friend... (yeah they need staking!)
my salad trough is progressing well, we've been having our first few kale & mizuna leaves in our salads at dinner, i've just added some more kale (lacinato this time) and some spinach too..

the strawberries are getting lots of tiny berries on them...(sorry sometimes blogger rotates my pics for no good reason.. can't be bothered fixing it!)

and yesterday i also planted out our first sunflowers - yellow empress ones - in the vege garden where the corn will go.. apparently sunflowers exude a toxin that deters other plants, but also apparently they make good companions for the south american plants - corn, beans & pumpkins - presumable because those veges evolved along with the sunflowers & are immune...??
and check out the one that was gifted to us by the wonderful 'applepip' & her lil' miss!

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