Monday, October 13, 2008


some little modelling beeswax eggs in a felted nest for our nature basket...
(they were more nicely egg-shaped until they got remodelled!)

and a tiny bluebird too..
(modelling beeswax is great for making super-dooper quick things!! the bird took maybe 4-5min..)

a summer sunshine needle felted ball
(need to work on the design a bit, so my kids get this one!)

some stripey blue pants for eli..
(ok so some of you who commented on my 'smart pants' post mentioned washing.. but how come no-one mentioned that nice-pants-fabric usually needs ironing?! ah well, too bad, they'll just have to be slightly crinkly ;-) )

and i found a little basket & prettied it up with left over pants fabric for lexi's wooden fruit..

i've also been sewing something.. but can't take a pic while the girl child is about!


kate5kiwis said...

oh you busy whizzy girlie!!!
love all the creations X

Kelly said...

Cute! But what else what I expect from you chook ;)

Gypsy said...

You are amazing! Just don't let Berni know or you'll be busy making all those lovely things to sell at the advent fair!!!! I would be first in line :)

nova_j said...

lol doubt it gypsy! they're a bit basic for the fair lol.. (can't wait to go shopping myself!)