Sunday, September 28, 2008

waldorf window star..

purdy huh? :-D

they're *supposed* to be made with special waxed paper, but you can do it with tissue too, it's just not as tidy or durable.. but i had some blue tissue left over from wrapping xmas gifts.. oooh.. 6 years ago.. so i decided to give it a go!
and i like! :-)

(i sealed it in duraseal cos, well, i have a toddler. 'nuff said.)


kate5kiwis said...

very very starry...
SUPERNOVA starry!!!
(sorry, couldn't resist)
mwah X

nova_j said...

lol well (luckily for you ;) ) my mum imbued me with a love of all things celestial, and my dad bought me a book on the physics of novae when i was a wee bub, so i bring the irony on myself!

i love stars lol

Waldorf hotel London said...

it looks pretty cool actually.
I'm not so handy. :(