Monday, August 18, 2008

a waldorf inspired day..

since we started at our local steiner/waldorf playgroup a couple of months ago we've taken on board quite a bit of their 'rhythm' at home as well :-)

today has been a pretty good example of what we try to do.. not perfect by any means, and not exactly what we do at playgroup, but good nonetheless!

Our day starts with all the usual, mundane stuff - breakfast, getting dressed etc etc...

after breakfast alexis plays while i put the washing on & deal to the dishwasher..

once i'm done then we have our 'circle time' when we sing little action songs starting with the morning song-
morning has come, night is away,

rise with the sun and welcome the day,

good morning dear earth, good morning dear sun,
good morning dear stones and flowers, every one,

good morning dear bees, and birds in the trees,

good morning to you, and good morning to me..
and a bunch of others-

Galoomp goes the little green frog
Wind the bobbin up

Head, shoulders, knees & toes
Little birdy
Open, shut them
Little turtle

The beehive
The river
Where is thumbkin?

and Twinkle, twinkle little star, with a verse that i had never heard before-
(to the tune of the "up above the world so high" section)
stars in apples, seed pods, pears,

stars in flowers everywhere,
twinkle, twinkle etc etc..?!

at playgroup after circle time the kids knead bread dough & roll it into buns, which alexis reminded me today, but since i didn't have dough prepared we measured the ingredients together into the breadmaker instead ;-) and the
breadmaker took care of making ours buns while we had lunch..

once the dough was ready we washed our hands -singing "this is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands, *repeat*, ready for making buns"- and kneaded our dough & made it into buns, while singing-
"this is the way we knead/poke/pat/roll/shape the dough" etc etc ;-) then left the buns in the sun to rise..
meanwhile we drew some pictures
with our beloved beeswax crayons!
then the buns were ready to go in the oven... then come out again..
time for afternoon tea!hot buns with strawberry jam...

time for more play for alexis (and a wee rest for me)

and then to finish off the afternoon we have a story.. but first we sing-
mother of the fairy tale, take us to your shining vale,
with mountains high, and valleys deep,
where fairies fly, and goblins creep,
now let us hear your fairy tale..

followed by-
thank you for your fairy tale
ka ki te, ka ki te, ka ki te ano

(gosh i hope i've spelt that right!)

not too crazy sounding huh? well i don't think so anyway! ;-) and of course regularly interspersed with changing, feeding & cuddling the bubba!

oh yeah, in an ideal day the kids would spend a good amount of time outside, amongst nature.. but the recent horrific weather has left our back garden pretty unsuitable for play, and we all have coughs, so an inside day it was for us!


Rach said...

what a beautiful gentle rhythm to your days

nova_j said...

yeah it works for us :) though it's often much more chaotic! lol