Monday, August 18, 2008

making little people!

my second needle felting project was a tiny pocket baby for alexis..
cute huh?!
in the traditional waldorf style it doesn't have any real facial features, but that just makes it more open to the child's imagination :-)

and of course a baby needs a mama..
she's still a work in progress, but she's coming along nicely i reckon!

paul reckons it's a sadistic new hobby i've taken on - jabbing poor little creatures hundreds of times with a huge barbed needle! lol when you look at it like that.. ;-)


kate5kiwis said...

lol on the sticking-things-with-pins comments, but are these your first felted-people-efforts? cos they are blimmin' awesome... seriously.
we had a wee waldorf buzz for a year a couple of years ago. we went once a week to my friend's place and she and a couple of teachers ran a "steiner day" on wednesdays for the homeschool crowd. loved it!!! have blogged one or two days here

my kiddos made felted angels on ewednesday. J12 (who was J10 then i think) put a koru on the dress of his, it looked awesome.

i really miss it, especially during the winter. it was such a fab thing to look forward to, we had "ploughman's lunches" and lots of soup and homemade bread days... yeah, my life is all about the food lol.
mwah X

incidentalhappiness said...

I adore the mama and baba! Absolutely gorgeous :)

nova_j said...

aww thanks! *blush* yep they are, finally decided to try the whole jabbing thing on friday night :)

that sounds awesome! i'd love to have something like that up here.. including the food! ;)

nova_j said...

thanks kb :) can't wait to get the mama finished though.. however alexis already discovered it so it's been played with quite a lot as is! lol..

Sharonnz said...

Those are awesome! Do you have some instructions for these? Did you get your needle from your special wee shop? Needle-felting is the next thing on our "craft club curriculum" for H11 & M8 to try.

nova_j said...

lol i waited for 40-something minutes for an 8 minute video to load on youtube! but basically you roll a few tufts of fleece into a ball or sausage then jab it lots & lots with the needle, you can 'pin down' the edge with a row of stabs, like you would with sewing iykwim? you just have to poke all the volume out of it until it is fairly dense :) and then you keep adding layers or adding pieces by jabbing them on too lol.. and making sure you keep the needle quite straight as you go in & out (apparently they break easily) & making sure that you don't stab yourself! (it hurts! use some foam or poly as a mat..) might be easier if i post some pics lol...
i got my needle (surprise, surprise) from our little steiner shop.. it's a medium one (as opposed to fine) which is apparently good for beginners.. mary's welly contact should know where to get them down there..?

hth lol!