Thursday, August 21, 2008

mama & baby..

i gave her a wrap dress to match her swaddled baby :-)
i know i'm going to have to keep reattaching her arms, but that's ok!
i'm pretty happy with her :-D


sweetp said...

O.M.G That is gorgeous. Seriously seriously gorgeous.

You're making me want to go get a felting needle!!!

(Found a waldorf-ish shop just round the corner would you believe...they have roving!)

nova_j said...

*blush* thanks!

and you SO should! there is a place called spindlewood down your way that sells all things waldorf.. i've been finding things for our xmas wish list on their website lol

Sharonnz said...

LOVE those two!! (You'll have to check ours out shortly.)

Rach said...

Oh nova, seriously no words for that. They're gorgeous.
You're going to have to give me a real life lesson. Your tutorial makes it sound so easy, but I need to see it done in the flesh. I just can't imagine me making something so beautiful.

sarah bean said...

wow nova!!! that is STUNNING

nova_j said...

*deeper blush* thank you :) but honestly it's not that hard! i've just spent ages browsing etsy for ideas..

and rach, you name the time & i'll be there! seriously! :D

highwaycottage said...

I love them :-) Can you come down here and teach me how? I so can't follow online instructions very well.

Oh well maybe i can get the teacher of the "regular" felting class to show me how (if she knows).

kate5kiwis said...

how fabulous are you?
maybe you'n'rach can rendezvous at my place and we'll all have a Felting Weekend??? my kiddos luff it too but i am seriously a novice... and you are a NOVA-ace!!!!
bwahahahahaha i crack myself up X

Julie said...

I just just had to say how lovely your felt lady is. I also love to do needle felting, I have blogged a few pictures of my work. Yours is a real inspiration. I just received the book 'complete feltmaking' by Gillian Harris for my birthday, which has some FAB ideas in it, it's also available at the library if you are interested....!

nova_j said...

lol kate if you can pin rach down for two days, or even two hours, i'll so be there! :D and gabes & viv you guys can come up too!

thanks julie i'll check it out :) your blog & the book i mean!

Anonymous said...

That doll is TDF!! I feel some felting coming on.