Tuesday, August 19, 2008

blind leading the blind.. pt2

part two of my needle felting tutorial for beginners! :-)

so you keep on adding more fleece, jabbing & shaping the whole thing all over until you are happy with your basic shape.
now you can add embellishments.. you can start them off as separate entities, creating their basic shape & size...

then before they are totally finished you can join them onto your main piece by poking through your addition into the main shape, and 'stitching' it down around the edges...
and then it just a matter of needling it into it's final shape, and ensuring it is firmly fixed on!

i haven't finished this little mushroom yet, it's already been stolen to play with! but i will no doubt be back sometime soon with final pics ;-)

oh & as a belated disclaimer - i've only been doing this for four days, so don't blame me if you waste wool, break needles, or stab yourself in the leg, hand/eye/child whilst following my instructions, ok? good.

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