Wednesday, May 07, 2008

umm... celebrate!?

here's mine :-)
it's the first time we've done one 'by the book', with a big stack of supplies all built up at once...
it has twigs in the bottom, lots of green stuff from the garden, grass clippings, cow poo, dried weeds, dried leaves, and a whole bunch of straw for plenty of carbon :-) and a big splash of bokashi juice to help introduce lots of beneficial micro-organisms in there too..

as per my gardening bible, it has a thick layer of straw on the top to help stop it get too soggy, and the heat from the heap has made some of it sprout! lol... hence the little green shoots on the top ;-)

it was approx 1.2m high when i built it a few weeks back, but it's sunken down quite a bit since, and when i took this photo i had a peek under the straw layer too and it looks quite dark & increasingly nondescript, so i hope that means it's going well! i might have to get the m.o.t.h. to give it a turn soon if we get some dry weather!


Sharonnz said...

Hehehe...snap! We're really getting into the art of compost here.

nova_j said...

i got the link from your blog! ;-)