Wednesday, May 07, 2008

pantry challenge..

i've been thoroughly inspired by sandra's 'using up the cupboard'ness :-)

so i did an inventory of the bitsnbobs in our pantry that, well, needn't be! and came up with...
chickpea flour
brown lentils
sunflower seeds
custard powder
oat bran
sesame seeds
lime juice
dried cranberries (craisins!)
pinenuts (we don't like pesto..)
balsamic vinegar
hulled tahini
sweet chilli sauce
Braggs All Purpose Seasoning
blackstrap molasses (best before june 07! does this get any worse than when it's fresh?!)
and the obligatory tin of treacle..

but with the help of i just whipped up this!-

(and just to the left of it is a pot of nettle tea.. what a hippy!)
basically you melt 2Tbsp of butter & 2Tbsp of honey together on med. heat in a frying pan..
add 1/4C of sesame seeds (i bunged a few sunflower seeds in too) and cook til golden..
add 1C of oats and cook, stirring lots, until golden..
i dumped approx 2tsp of treacle in with the oats too, just to use some of it up, and added the craisins & a few sultanas at the end too..
then spread it out on foil to cool! :-D

now, i don't actually know what granola is *supposed* to be like, but this is kind of a crumbly, clumpy muesli bar stuff, and rather yummy! once we get some more oats i reckon i'll make more of it to use up the rest of the seeds, and just cos i'm liking it ;-)

if anyone knows of any meat and egg free ways to use up the other stuff i'd be really glad to know about them! :-D

yeah ok, spot who's having a lot of thumb-twiddling blogging time...

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