Friday, April 04, 2008

swaddle wrap

My friend leanne made one of these a long time ago for her son, and i thought it was a great idea, so i've finally given it a go!
It's made from a layer of purple medium weight merino & a layer of baby blue light cotton knit, and bound with fold-over-elastic..

the basic idea is that you pop the bubs feet into the pocket at the bottom, so that the top of it is up around their shoulders, then you wrap the wings right around them like a swaddle :-)
The FOE stops it from being baggy around their neck, and when they are NB the wings are long enough to wrap securely around them, then when they are a bit bigger you add snaps to hold it snug & safe!
essentially it's faster & simpler than swaddling with a flat cloth, and with the snaps will stay in place better when they are wiggling ;-D

oh & just for something different, i won a prize in a knit-along for my little rainbow socks! :-D
I've won a ball of TOFUtsies, which is sock yarn made from wool, cotton, SOY and a little bit of chitin!? Pretty cool huh?!

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