Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#2 update! 36weeks 2days..

Ok, so the photo is actually 35w4d, but close enough! ;-)
Bub had shifted out a wee bit, so we were able to get a better measurement, and growth is looking good! And my blood test came back with good sugar levels, so no gestational diabetes for me! yay! (with alexis it was rather high, but i was eating an awful lot of chocolate bars then! but luckily my insulin levels were keeping pace..)
Bub is head down (yay!), was at D1 on thursday (yay! eek..) and is keeping up lots of reassuring wiggling (yay! ouch..), so it's all looking good here! :-D

It's been a bit quiet on the making-stuff front, but today i managed to get these ticked off the list....
They're basically a sleeve with waterproof nylon on one side, and stay-dry microfleece on the other, which you stuff a prefold into for absorbency.. They have a whole multitude of post-baby uses, anything where you don't want a mess left behind, like for change mats & nappy free time etc.. :-) exciting i know! lol..

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