Saturday, September 15, 2007

In the garden..

Paul built me a special shelf on the side of our shed, for my seedlings to live! They were in too much danger of slug attack in the garden, and in too much danger of toddler attack on the deck! So now they have a special place, away from slugs & toddlers, and where they get sun for most of the day! And as a bonus it was made entirely from pickets recycled from our old fence! :-)
On the shelf at the moment (from left to right) is our sad little coriander, one silverbeet (*not* having much luck with these seeds!), 3 Winter Triumph lettuces (3 having succumbed to slugs. grr..) and 42 tiny seed pots in my special juice bottle propagators! In them there are lettuces, tomatoes, peppers - both chilli & sweet, cucumbers, more tomatoes, more lettuces, silverbeet (no sign yet! hmph..) and check out the beans! I only planted them last friday, and popped them all in the hot water cupboard for a couple of days.. and the beans have really taken off! :-D fingers crossed everything else goes as well!

And check out how my garlic & shallots are going! Yay!!

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Gabes said...

Wow you have been busy! The seedlings system looks great. Really should get my a into g and try that!