Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fathers Day Book 07

This year i decided to revamp last years effort, with my new knowledge about scrapbooking (which was completely lacking last year!)

I found this paper in melbourne, and had to use it, given our history, for our wee star!

And because i had taken hand & footprints of alexis, i decided to use it as a bit of a theme, using a wee stamp i found.. and used tiny star brads, just cos i like stars ;-)

And then added this years effort!
Not having a printer made it a bit harder (my handwriting is *not* flash), its a bit more cramped than last years too, but i think they're pretty alright for a first effort! and of course trying to do them in secret with a toddler helping! ;-)

The little tags have the year & alexis' age at the time of fathers day on the front, and the dates & locations of the photos on the back :-)

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Neak said...

WOW you did a great job on the scrapbook it looks awesome!! well done :)