Sunday, February 04, 2007

what i've been reading

The Attachment Parenting Book - William & Martha Sears (10/10)
Great book that really explains the reasoning & science behind the Attachment Parenting philosophy.. Packed with info, anedotes, advise.. and not at all preachy! It really challenges the western norms of parenting, but also dispells many of the myths surrounding the AP style... really interesting

The Permaculture Home Garden - Linda Woodrow (7/10)
Quite fascinating, great info about pest control (or not!), made me want some chickens.. Not that useful however, unless you have room in your garden for 7m diameter circles..

The Long Emergency - James Howard Kunstler (10/10)
A must read in my opinion.. really makes you think about the future, and the not-too-distant future at that! Deals with the global oil crisis, climate change, political relationships, epidemics etc etc

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