Sunday, February 04, 2007

end of the month..

First of my new pockets done! My favourite pattern - the Wee Weka M/L Side Snap, with a few of my own changes, and made in Seaspray PUL with white microfleece & white snaps.. I really like it, the seaspray is soo.. fresh! lol

And this is my pinky-purple dyed wool all wound up, all 400g of it by hand.. (if you've ever dealt with wool, you'll know thats a wee bit..) took me two evenings of winding to do that, to give you an idea of scale, they are cylinders approx 5-6" high, and about the same in width..

And of course the cardi that i have been knitting!! Its all knitted now, hooray! i just have to sew up the side & sleeve seams (boo...), crochet a few button loops & sew on the buttons, then it'll be finished!! Unfortunately this one is much too skinny for alexis, so is going to a happy home with a little girl who i *hope* will fit it! Once it's done, i'm either starting on one for alexis for next winter, using the pinky-purple wool, or some winter longies out of the lovely raspberry cleckheaton that i got on special the other day!

I'm making playdough at the mo, and hopefully an apple cake later.. might post a pic of them once i'm done lol ;-)

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