Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Projects List.. eek...

oh dear.. this is my to-do list...

- De-clutter
- Build kitchen & laundry toddler gates
- Make some kind of washing basket for our room
- Do bookshelves, incl. monster study one
- Decorate toy boxes

- Prep end of front garden vege patch
- Tidy back section
- Build sandpit
- Clear car-port
- Tidy strip along path
- try to produce all our lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber & potatoes, when in season

- finish cardi that will hopefully fit zoe (only 1 sleeve & collar to go!)
- knit cardi for alexis
- new beanie for alexis
- new beanie for paul
- scarf for me

- new star pul cover/pocket
- few more pockets
- new inserts (hopefully the bamboo will arrive soon!)
- rag doll for alexis
- PJ's for alexis
- Finish her sleepsack

- Dye prefolds with procion
- Playsilks (when they arrive!) with koolaid
- more wool with my koolaid
- some hemp & bkt with procion

Everything else
- Do 2007 page in paul's fathers day book
- make xmas cards (well in advance!)
- make playdoh!

thats all i can think of for now, tho i'll probably be adding to it as time goes on.. and hopefully crossing things off too! eek...

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