Thursday, January 25, 2007

mmm grape, lemonade, raspberry & sheep...

Heh, yesterday i finally made the time to dye the wool for Alexis' cardi!
The colours haven't come out so well in the photo, but it is quite nice.. I dyed it using 6 sachets of Pink Lemonade Kool-aid, 6 Sachets of Grape Kool-aid & 2 sachets of Raspberry Drinkaid, for 400g of wool :-D I spread the skeins out on an inside out rubbish bag, then poured on each colour in sections, then tipped the whole lot (minus bag!) into a bowl & popped it in the microwave, so the colours would blend together a bit (or a lot as it happens)
I'm really happy with it, it should be cool once its knitted up!
(oh yes & don't taste the water that you have been koolaid dyeing in! It tastes like sour fruity sheep! eurgh..)

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