Monday, December 11, 2006


Yesterday i proudly pulled up our first beetroot! Its a wonderful colour & perfectly shaped... i don't know what we'll do with it yet, because paul hates beetroot, but is willing to give it one chance, so i better do something good!

And this morning i harvested our first batch
of silverbeet too! there is quite a lot! I think we'll have to find a few recipes for silverbeet for the next few nights...

alexis was quite impressed
with it too..

Yesterday i put up some more chicken
wire up the side of our deck for the tomatoes, and made some little cages for stretching plastic or shade cloth over, to protect little seedlings.. I am starting to try out 'Square Foot Gardening' and i'm about to go prep some squares, to plant carrot, lettuce & spinach seeds in this afternoon...

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