Saturday, October 07, 2006

Year so far- more nappies!

Another side snap pocket & a bunch of velour, hemp & BKT fitteds, which have snap in soakers too.. I love the velour & bkt combo look & the velour is still looking brand new, i think its my favourite outer..

How could i resist? A carebears PUL pocket

my twin terries! bkt &hemp fitteds for some wee twins in scotland!

more pockets! i love the star print one..

a couple of flannelette outer fitteds.. i couldn't pass up the flying pigs, a lovely person sent it up from dunedin!

felted wool covers.. really good because wool doesn't need to be washed every day!

those squares are 1.5cm... i heard a little girl was getting a doll for her 1st birthday, and the birthday girl had just got a nappy with that print flannelette.. i knew that i had some of it, & i couldn't resist! lol

1 comment:

Gabes said...

And we LOVE the wee nappy! Thanks Nova it was so lovely of you to make it for us! Do you want the pic of it being modelled LOL.
Gabes :)