Sunday, October 08, 2006

Year so far - miscellaneous! lol

Thats almost everything so far, there have been more nappies, but mostly ones just like what I have posted photos of already...

there have been a few other things though, like a few nursing bracelets like the one in the pic.. the bigger beads have numbers on them representing hours, and there is a wee charm that you attach to show you when you last fed your baby.. I borrowed the design from an existing product, but adapted it slightly (after i took that photo) to make the smaller beads 15min intervals instead..

hmm... what else... a nappy bucket liner.. a bunch of flannelette wipes.. a big flannelette & polar fleece snuggle blankie for alexis.. a travel-sized tag blankie (in the photo) also for alexis, which is edged with different types of ribbon - satin, embroidered, velvet etc - and made of embroidered polar fleece... can't remember what else! lol.. oh well that is mostly up to date!

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