Thursday, October 06, 2011

When is too much...??

THIS is too much!!
 For paul's birthday, I made a two layer rich vegan chocolate cake, with this concept in mind, and as such I (rightly) thought that buttercream icing would be a bit much for the filling & icing, so just did a plain cocoa + icing sugar icing... and that is where this started to go a bit wrong.. as we allll know, that sort of icing goes hard VERY fast. Too fast to be able to glue Kit-Kats on easily... 

And speaking of Kit-Kats... I bought 3 family sized Kit-Kat blocks to hopefully have plenty to spare. Nuh uh. Turns out family sized Kit-Kat blocks reeeeeaallly don't break nicely. In fact, they don't so much break as shatter. Or rip they base off the bar next to them. So there was a fair amount of chocolate shaving & gluing going on.

And guess who forgot that their ribbon stash has been missing since moving house?

That all being said, it was rather delicious!! Though it was SO sweet and SO chocolatey that paul had no chance of finishing all his portion.. Even the kids had a bit left over!!! Even I had a couple of crumbs left!!!

mmm chocolate.

On a much easier note, but still a little chocolatey - 
Chocolate chip Anzac biscuits from this recipe. But with chocolate chips thrown in too, cos that is how we roll.

(hey did you know that you are not ALLOWED to call them Anzac cookies?! There are strict rules about these things. I'm expecting a stern letter about those chocolate chips.)


Marie said...

LOL... Thats MY kind of disaster!
Didn't know bout the Anzac rules... wow! And when did your big girl become a big girl???? She's all growed up!!

nova_j said...

yeah it was just tragic having to eat all the broken kit kat bits...

hey those anzacs were the ones by your suggestion! (bit of a blog backlog lol) and lol i think she grew up around the same moment that your daughters did!!