Friday, September 23, 2011

Bath-tub Abuse

Wow, just uncovered an ancient draft in blogger!! I can't believe how different my kids hair is lol...

So when paul directed his school production involving costuming over 360 kids, whose foolish idea was it to dye plain t-shirts?

oh. right. oops.

80 or so shirts were dyed by the 9-10 year olds who would be wearing them, but the rest..?? Well, our poor bathtub...

60+ orange low-water immersion shirts...

There were 30ish red ones & 8 brown ones too..

15m of calico LWI'ed brown-
(and an assistant)

which we cut & sewed into (custom!!) skirts & loincloths-

and the school kids made headbands and salt-dough necklaces to match-

and this lovely mess..?

purple tie-dyed shirts for all the new entrants!

the big kids used templates made from laminated card to create whatever design they liked, then sprayed with dye-

and another 40ish kids had "Tree Keeper" tees like this-

which paul sprayed with 2 interlocking stencils, this one was for the green-

and then a second for the brown.

And conveniently enough, I don't have any photos on my computer of them actually in use! Doh... But they looked pretty cool, and it was a very cost effective way to create cohesive costumes for so many kids!

The techniques we used are all explained in this post (which also shows the vintage of this project!!)

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