Thursday, June 09, 2011

Super Secret Sea Squirrel!

Not like Sandy Cheeks on a mission though..

A very clever lady I know is running a yarn club this winter!

And as part of the package you get an exclusive pattern with each installment, two of which i had the pleasure of testing in april, ready for the release... i've had to keep them a secret since, so as not to spoil the surprise for anyone getting the yarn club ;)

The first club installment has just been sent out, and has a mermaids & mermen theme, the first pattern of which is Amphitrite-
it's a beautiful little girls vest, with lace & cable detailing on the front
it is completely seamless, using a cunning provisional cast on at the back

and the boys/unisex pattern is Poseidon -
this one has more cables, but also has the option of doing the 'seaweed' lace side panels
and is also seamless, but this time with a full V-neck, rather than scoop...
they're both very cute patterns, especially with their mer-tail themed central panels, and we use these vests a lot!

At the moment they're only available to the lucky few who managed to nab a club spot, but they should be available for general release early 2012!


Sweetp said...

They look gorgeous! Love the mermaid/man type theme too, the cables do look like scales. Great knitting

nova_j said...

thanks! the amphitrite was possibly the most challenging thing i've ever knit, but a big part of that was not having a picture to refer to! we had to check for errors in a pattern that we didn't know what it was supposed to look like lol!

Anne (I should be sleeping) said...

They are both just so gorgeous Nova :)
You are a very talented knitterly lady!