Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Testing, testing... one...

My crafting life (ok, *whole* life) of late has been dominated by test knitting...

testing knitting is great because you get to try out new patterns, sometimes with very little, or even no, idea what the finished product will look like, you get to help out designers with their new patterns, checking for proof reading errors, technical knitting errors, and checking for how the pattern fits.. sometimes the patterns are pretty much perfect, but the testing process kicks off the nice pattern project gallery bit on ravelry!

and it has the bonus of sometimes meaning that you get patterns for free, that would otherwise cost money ;-)

one recent effort was my Danube Cowl -
it's a great big loop of cables..
i really, really like it, but won't be knitting it again.. once is enough! but i do love it & wear it often :-)

it was what inspired me to invent my own grafting technique, because when you have a big loop of swirly waves, who wants to have to think about where the seam is, and where to hide it?!?!

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