Friday, July 02, 2010

the spirit of winter

to me winter is all about hibernating - it doesn't get that cold here, but it does get wet, so i like to stay inside - and staying inside, with kids = simple crafts!

inspired by MamaMoontime's Winter Wattle Fairy, i decided to make us a winter fairy too!
i used colours very prevalent at the moment - pale blue skies littered by clouds, and dark, early evenings, and she has lovely shiny silk hair, and barely visible opalescent blue wings :-)
(they're made from bondable Angelina fibre, just to give away the secret - when they catch the light they are amazing!)

and of course a little doll was commisioned by alexis-
and a wee fairy girl for eli too-
(cos he has to be just like his big sis!)

fun, cheap & and very very quick!!


cat said...

hi there! what beautiful winter fairies you've made!

i found you through amber's blog at mama moontime and am so happy i did. i am adding you to my blogroll so i don't miss a post. beautiful blog..:)

have a wonderful weekend...


nova_j said...

thanks! they were very fun & easy to make :)

Clairebear said...

They are gorgeous Nova!