Friday, July 23, 2010

home alone

i had some time home alone, and the house was in reasonable order, so naturally i made a mess all over the lounge floor!

i sorted & re-folded my fabric stash-
that's it in it's entirety, the stuff still in the white basket is all nappy fabrics, so relatively speaking i do not have a big stash!

and whilst sorting the stash, i found that i had some left over black knit from making a baby-wearing wrap years ago, so decided to try out making a couple of skirts using this 'yoga' skirt tutorial!

i call them my fat skirts lol, cos i'm 26-27w pregnant in these photos, but you can't really tell, i just look bigger than i am!

first attempt using the full width of 55" denim-
('scuse the un-prewashed, un-ironed fabric!)
and what actually shows under my mummy-uniform jumper-
and 2nd attempt using some fabric left over from making lexi some pants & a knitting needle case, only used approx 48-50" width + cut it slightly A-line, so it's a lot less puffy-
they're not the world's most flattering garments lol, but since they took under 30 minutes each, including cutting out, it's a great pattern anyway!!


Sharonnz said...

Thanks for that link. I'm putting together some ideas to run some "home-learners" electives with our learning co-op later this term. This may appeal to the teens/tweenies.

nova_j said...

oh yeah with some cool fabric they'd be great!

I should be sleeping said...

oooh I like the 2nd one.
I like to refold my fabric too. Isn't it cool how you find things that you'd forgotten about!