Saturday, June 26, 2010

a simple question

after telling the kids a thousand times not to draw on the walls/furniture/clothes/themselves please, lexi replied "what can i draw on that isn't paper?!"

the i remembered that for some mysterious reason, we have some fabric pens!!

so we cut out some cardboard squares, then a little piece of t-shirt fabric slightly bigger-
folded the excess over & sellotaped it down-
then let them loose!
both kids did a couple of 'abstract' pieces, and then lexi did a couple of mini ones too-
and ironed them to set!

quite honestly the pens were pretty horrid, but since they're such a rarity here (the kids have good quality crayons & pencils instead) the kids loved them!

i'm not entirely sure what to do with these little masterpieces, but it was a fun activity for the kids, and any ideas of what to do use them for would be much appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

how about turning a couple of them into pockets on a pair of pants?
or the kids stich them together to be a doll's blanket?

Nikki said...

Cute! You could make two rice hacky sack things out of them (you know, for the kids to throw into a basket for aiming or whatever if they like that sort of thing).

nova_j said...

oh good ideas!! i might put those to them & see what they think :)

thanks heaps!!