Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kids clothes week day 2ish

two pairs of PJ pants for the big kids(lexi's pair have the friendliest wee dinos you've ever seen on them! which you can't see because of our incredibly sullen winter weather light.. no shiny, bright reflected snow light here!)

the plan is to team them up with merino tops, whenever that happens.

i cut them out last night, along with a couple of pairs of winter pants for lexi.. evidently it takes me the whole hour to sew up two pairs, so i guess that'll be me for tomorrow!

in other news, due to this sewing challenge i also discovered My Sewing which is rather like ravelry, but for sewing. if you sign up i'm "novanz" if you wanna be my friend ;-)


Jo's Place said...

Very cool!

nova_j said...