Monday, February 08, 2010


I dug up a haul of self-seeded potatoes a while ago, a beautiful purple heritage variety called Urenika-
not bad for a free potato plant!

and yes, they're even more purple inside than out-
people often seem to wonder what vegetarians actually eat on a day to day basis, well this is an example of the sort of meal that makes me happy...
a "token pasta dish", as one of my vege friends puts it, purple taters with cream cheese, green beans, and a salad with homegrown carrots, tomatoes & cucumbers (plus a bunch of other stuff) with way too much mayo.
simple, but tasty, fresh, colourful (before i added way too much mayo ;-) ) and with plenty of protein, for those that obsess over the stuff!

and speaking of home grown tomatoes & cucumbers, these are some of my Deka & Port Albert (respectively) heritage cucumbers-
and a few of the pretty Red Russian & J.Walsh heritage toms we've been harvesting... i've got some black toms ripening too, but they're obviously a later variety.
also dug up the garlic, and i'm very pleased!! i had a much smaller patch this year, but ended up with larger, plumper bulbs, which taste a thousand times better than the imported chinese stuff!
it's a shame i couldn't get a photo to capture it, but they had a gorgeous pearlescent purple quality to them, which made them all the nicer to have hanging up :-)


Kate said...

YUM. Look at that wee meal. Delicious :-). We dug up a good dose of purple taters when we moved here too. They're pretty cool huh! :-) Kate

CC said...

oh babe, you really have 3 veges in your meal???
I'm now inspired to grow garlic...after I get my A into G about actually growing something other than weeds in our 3 garden boxes!

nova_j said...

more like 10 if you include the potatoes lol - taters, beans, cucumber, tomato, carrot, capsicum, lettuce, rocket, mizuna & baby spinach :)

i'm a big fan of growing garlic i'll admit.. apart from beets it's the only thing that seems to grow well here!

yup kate, gotta love the purple ones! i've got another mystery potato almost ready to dig up, so it'll be exciting to see what that one provides!

Gypsy said...

Yummm ... our veggie garden is about to get its end of summer overhaul but I can't wait to get it running again! I went vegetarian (again ... DH is rolling his eyes) at the start of the year and I am loving it - feeling so good. I can't even remember why I started eating meat again a few years ago!

nova_j said...

hey go you!!! didn't go back for pregnancy? that's a common one just cos of uncertainty & 'peer' pressure.. know what you mean though, i lost a heap of weight when i went vege, and when we were eating vegan i felt so much more alive & fresh too!