Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project...umm... "Monday" #8

you know, it's really hard to keep a public record of your WIPs when they are mostly secret.

cos you end up with posts like-

two almost used up balls of wool-
i can't show you what they've been used up with, cos it's secret.

pretty gripping stuff really.

but anyway, i'm still chugging along with the penguins, and another of my (unseen) secret projects, but i also snuck in some time to make eli some new nappies-
his ones (size small!!) were getting a bit low in the rise, but were still ok around the leg, whereas lexi's old ones are good for him in the rise, but much too big in the leg, which necessitated the drafting of an almost-medium skinny leg size pocket nappy lol... happy to say they fit perfectly!

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