Monday, October 19, 2009

Project Monday #7

i'm making good progress on my horde of so-far-faceless penguins, though i'm actually having to rip them back to make them shorter, before adding their bellies!

i've done one eli sock, and have started the second.. yes, my son will have lacy socks.

i discovered a very cute little cauliflower head hiding in the depths

and my biggest mission at the moment?!

it's a knitting chart.
90 rows x 40 stitches, in two colours, that has to be completed twice, plus a whole pile of plain knitting besides.
i've never knit from a chart before, nor done any colourwork... and this is to a deadline!

what was i thinking?!?!


Anonymous said...

Great cauli, we don't grow them (as I'm allergic), but never had muc luck with them any way.

Love the lacy socks!

Gypsy said...

oh those penguins are SOOOO cute!

nova_j said...

lol viv i'll be amazed if we manage a full size one!

they'll be much cuter once i get faces on them gypsy ;) they're taking a crazily long time!