Monday, October 12, 2009

Project Monday #6

Today's Project Monday is celebrating a wonderful day... after roughly 10 months i have finally finished my...
Tofutsie Socks!!
yay me.

the yarn still isn't exactly to my taste, but never fear, i have a colourway i much prefer ready for the next pair! ;-)

and since i don't have knee-high sock blockers, or indeed any at all, i had to resort to-
(the elastic bandaging is to hold the picot points flat lol)
i suppose feet count as sock blockers though right?! it's a pretty chilly way to do it however..

and as a total sucker for punishment, last night i cast on-
at least this time i have the good sense to do them eli sized!

(and hey sha if you're reading.. that is that Grignasco Strong Print sock yarn stuff, you can see how fat the stripes are on 40sts, so would definitely self-stripe on adult size ones!)


Sharonnz said...

Lookin' good;-)

Kelly said...

congrats - thats a mammoth effort!