Saturday, October 17, 2009

on the flip side

sooo... in exchange for the felt strawberries i made, this is what we received!!(sorry about the pic, it was actually a bit *too* sunny..)

some marigold seeds, that lexi claimed & planted, and a fleece butterfly, an embellished & embroidered felt purse, that lexi has claimed for treasure collecting, a wee designer fabric bird brooch (that is currently decorating my project board, along with a cute stamped card that i didn't photograph oops, making me feel very soulemama-y), an apple tree cross-stitch magnet, and a much needed butterfly print needle book!

cool huh?!

i really like this style of swap, it takes the pressure off from being the *one* thing someone receives lol, and it's awesome receiving such an interesting mix of diverse creations, all along one theme :-)

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Rainbow Child said...

very VERY cool swap idea. what beautiful things!