Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more garden stuff..

our wee mandarin tree is covered in blossoms now-
and we spent a very productive sunday sowing potatoes, mulching, and digging up the front lawn to make spots for some pumpkins & cucumbers (in the back), and peas & beans (in the front, with a hidey hole for little people in the middle!)
and i finally got around to buying a sprouting lid & jar! the brown lentils were a hit-
now if only it would stop raining for more than a day!


Jo's Place said...

Yay for the gardening. It will be a shame when you have to thin out the mandarins. I must remember to do mine too. I must get a sprouting jar too, it's on my list :)

nova_j said...

yeah it'll be pretty sad, but don't want to stress the tree i suppose!