Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nova-1 : Nature-.... 2... doh!

so in a victory for me, i've just transplanted the self-sown cherry tomatoes that i found the other week! hopefully they will grow into productive little plants for us :-) and if not, well hey, they were free!
however.... look what i just found in the area destined to be my corn patch-
a potato!
and it wasn't alone either.. again, self seeded from some we obviously didn't gather last year.. not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, i'm leaving them be, luckily they're on the edge of the corn patch, so shouldn't be too disruptive ;-)

anyway, this is my spring garden so far-
garlic, beetroots, kale & last years spinach beet
(all vastly more impressive in real life - i never said i was any good at photography!)

the other side of last years spinach beet (great stuff that, grows like silverbeet, but tastes more like spinach, and is easier to clean), rainbow chard, broccoli (one is just sprouted a teeny tiny head! yay!!), lettuces, cabbages & calendula...

i've also planted some heartsease, calendula, marigolds & sweet william around our sandpit, and have some tomatoes, lettuces, potatoes & poppies ready to plant in the next few days!


Gypsy said...

Go Nova ... that looks awesome! I love kale juiced with apples, carrots and lots of ginger - best use for it in my book!

neak said...

Ohhh looking good! still waiting for stuff to pop up in our garden

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

Looks great Nova. Kale is even better than sliced bread, specially with garlic.

nova_j said...

heh too true about the kale! we were living off *one* plant all winter! it kept us in enough leaves to keep us supplied for a really fantastic vegan potato & kale soup - flavour packed & kid friendly with homemade potato wedge 'croutons' lol.. must share the recipe sometime..