Saturday, September 19, 2009

Butterfly Pinny

i had a little bit of yarn left over from Lexi's Spring Butterfly cardi, and another very clever friend had just released another cool pattern called Pinny for a Dolly, so i combined the two by knitting the PfaD but adding the butterfly detail from the SB!

and thus the butterfly pinny was born!
the pinny is pretty much as per pattern, except i added a few rows for the butterfly detail, and added a little extra butterfly button on the front to match lexi's cardi :-)

of course in my infinite wisdom, i gave the butterfly 4 strands for it's wings, thus making it more spidery than ever! (and if anyone is wondering how i did the butterfly on a top up knit, i just sewed the centre stitch afterwards! ;-) )

a very quick & very cute wee pattern, and the 'unchart' made it easy for even a first-time lace knitter like me!

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