Wednesday, April 08, 2009

such an egg

a little knitted easter egg for eli..
knit using the Purl Bee pattern, but in 8ply, so it's roughly the size of a flamingo egg. Trust me.
it's stuffed with wool fleece & a (now very quiet) bell.

(is that phrase ever used outside of nz?!)

(and yes, i'm still plodding along on lexi's cardi & my 2nd sock.. but a girl can procrastinate a little can't she?!)


Sharonnz said...

I got two bells to stuff into knitted balls from Winterwood and was wondering if the sound would be deadened too much with the stuffing - not a good idea huh? Very cute egg!!

Shortly said...

Of *course* you can procrastinate! That's the stuff of life :)

nova_j said...

coming from the woman who has knit at least 4 sweater/tops + several pairs of socks + assorted other things all in the time it's taken me to *not* finish 1 toddler cardi + 1 sock! lol...

sharon i even tried putting the bell right near the surface of the egg, but still only got a terribly pathetic little tinkle... ;)