Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mmm toasty!

i was getting a touch bored knitting the leg of my 2nd tofutsie sock..
so i cast-on lexi's winter cardi..
(you can hear the 'one project at a time' resolve flapping away out the window..)
which is an A-line garment knit entirely in one piece..
naturally i got bored of doing that too...
so i knit these-they're wrist warmers from the "last-minute knitted gifts" book, knit using Yarn Bee Down to Earth soy/cotton blend...
they're not knit to gauge i don't think, cos they're quite small, thus perfect for my hands, and being soy/cotton they don't have the elasticity of wool, but i think the ribbing will compensate for that!
i added an extra pattern repeat in the wrist, and reversed the pattern for the second one, so they spiral in opposite directions.. i also found a mistake in the pattern, but i won't mention it, cos then you won't spot it! ;-)

i'm liking these a lot already!

oh yeah.. they took me a day each to knit, which means they are *super-dooper* fast!!


sweetp said...

They look lovely. I made this pattern last year in Jet and they pilled and felted :(. Yours look much ncier and you wont have that problem with soy!. Love the colour

linnet said...

they look great!!

skatey katie said...

oh you are so blimmin' clever.
raych and i got all gung ho and managed to cut the ends off a salvaged jumper to turn into instant wrist warmers. they look very bogan compared to yours lol X

neak said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh those are funky!