Wednesday, March 18, 2009


the Home-meal Bagette!!"tha wha??!" i hear you thinking...
well it's home spun yarn, that i made a meal of, and it's a little bag = bag-ette, and it's rather rustic, just like a wholemeal baguette!

yeah ok, worst pun ever.

and just in case you *desperately* want one for your little girl (or yourself!) this is how it goes-

take your homespun bulky-worsted-aran yarn
slightly too small needles - 6mm should do it

first things first, finger-crochet a handle, cos then no matter how badly it goes from here at least you've got *something* to hold onto.

then CO 40sts using turkish cast on, ie 20 wraps
knit into your cast on stitches making one round
*k1, kfb, knit to last 2 stitches on that side, kfb, k1*
rep * - * once for 2nd side
knit round & round until you are starting to get worried that you are running out of yarn
*k1, ssk, knit to last 2sts on that side, k2tog, k1*
rep * - * once for 2nd side
cast off in purl, cos that's the way we roll round here.
finish leaving less than 1cm of yarn for weaving in the end. try a crochet hook.
attach handles how ever you like, block, then embellish, cos judicious use of embellishment can save the day.

and don't forget to start a hugely popular flickr pool with your bagette creations.

or not.

(and please don't use this pattern to sell. partly because there are much better ones out there & mostly because i would laugh at you *a lot*)

actually it's really quite cute in real life, and only took me a couple of hours to knit, which means for a normal knitter it's a blink-and-you'd-miss-it project :-)

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Anonymous said...

Well done! You;ve gotta be pleased with that...not only spinning but knitting it too :D