Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i have achieved sock!!
yeah ok, i've knit socks before, but the first pair i can hardly get on, thus never use, the 2nd pair immediately got a hole in them & i don't have any of the yarn left so haven't fixed them yet, and these are my first proper sock yarn socks! well.. ok.. sock. singular. the other one is just an ankle sock so far.. and i haven't even sewn in the ends or blocked or anything on this one.. but who cares?! i knit a successful sock!!

vital info..
pattern - shimmer socks knit toe-up, magic looped.. i decreased straight after the toe-cap to make it fit my foot, then increased twice on the way up the leg.. inc & dec need to be in multiples of 4 stitches... did a picot bind-off (which shows i haven't blocked them huh?)
yarn - TOFUtsies soy, wool, cotton & chitin sock yarn.. knit on 2.25mm needles (snooze.. took forever!) i won this yarn in a KAL, not a colourway i would have chosen, it's a bit busy for my tastes - black, grey, pale grey, white, brownish, magenta, bright pink, pale pink variegated on *each ply* - but hey, you can't complain about free sock yarn!! and it feels nice to wear too ;-) the yardage on this yarn is great, once i had knit up to the ankle in each sock i divided the remaining yarn in two, then knit this one as far as i dared, leaving me with just 65cm once cast off (considering that i worked out each round required 83.5cm!) which resulted in a sock that is exactly 30cm from the ground to top of the picot points :-)

i'm pretty happy with it, just dreading the weeks of knitting to finish off the leg of the second one!


Sharonnz said...

LOVE that - the colourway is great - hey - it's got BLACK in it for ya!!

Megan said...

Gorgeous! I love the length, I am not an ankle sock person but that does put me off making my own socks, especially because I also have enormous feet! I'd love to know how many metres you end up using.

nova_j said...

weeelll... the yarn is 424m, i divided it in half so 212m with 65cm left over, so theoretically 422.7ish metres! lol.. and that's for a skinny size 6 foot :D but it's a very good yardage yarn, so might be a go-er for you :) tho there are mixed reviews..