Thursday, February 19, 2009

grown up stuff!!

my first adult sewing!! some merino pants for me in winter -
luckily for me they are just for round the house, cos i used a kids PJ pattern that goes up to age 15... and they are HUGE around the waist on me! and really, really show off why adults shouldn't wear fully elasticated waistbands... but they are super comfy & should be nice & warm when it gets cooler!

So i'll give them a 3/5 as my first attempt :-)

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Nikki said...

Sound comfy! You're probably like me and needed to use the age 12 size lol.

You could always run the seam in that runs down from the waist through the crotch and back up and that will help a bit.

ps: and even though my word verification says "suckye" - they aren't hehe.