Sunday, January 11, 2009

papery stuff

*don't look at the end dad!! contains spoilers!!*

some scrapbooking (still getting the hang of this!) -

a birth day page for eli...
probably doesn't show up, but there are little 'wet' footprints going across the page ;-)

and my butterfly girl...(the colours aren't very true in this pic - it's more of a marshmallow pink)

some little origami xmas stars -

and xmas calendars -with a new pic of the kids for every month :-)


~ April ~ said...

You did a wonderful job! And those are the sweetest pictures of Eli. Love the one of him nursing.

Did you have a water birth, by chance? Just curious since it says water baby. Both of our boys were born at home, but we didn't have enough water for water birth (we have a spring).

nova_j said...

thanks! and yes, we had a pool taking up half of our lounge! ;) i thoroughly recommend them now, it's a shame you couldn't have one, but they sure do take a lot of water :D

thanks for visiting!!